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Foundation Phase 8.50am - 12 mid-day 1.15pm - 3.20 pm
Key Stage 2 8.50am - 12.15pm    1.15pm - 3.20 pm 



The children participate in Guided Reading Sessions through the week, and we encourage the pupils to read at home with an adult on a regular basis. We also encourage parents to write comments in the reading record books when your child has read.




We have snack time every moring where your child is able to buy a piece of fruit for 20p at the School Tuck Shop. Alternatively your child may bring a piece of fruit with him/her to school.




Year 2 Class children (Mrs Williams' class) will be undertaking P.E. activities on Wednesday. Your child will need suitable clothing to undertake these activities, e.g. shorts, T-shirt & plimsolls . 




Please can you make sure all of your child's uniform is labelled with their name. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you

Mrs N Williams



Our theme for this term (Spring Term 2019) is 'To Infinity and Beyond...'

During the term, we will be looking at - 



The Planets, moon and stars


The moon landing

Materials / Forces

Jobs in space - The space race



Real life superheroes

Superheroes in film, animation and literature

Comic books

Authors /illustrators/ cartoonists

Right and wrong 

Rules and responsibilities




Our theme for this term (Autumn Term 2018) is 'Melody Mayhem'.

During the term, we will be looking at - 

Sources of sound

How music is used to celebrate important occasions

Music now and then

Songs and music from different cultures and countries

Traditional Welsh music, poetry and dance

Firework music / sound

Guy Fawkes /Bonfire Night

Great Fire of London

Christmas music and songs

Historical Artefacts





Our theme for this term (Summer term) is 'All Creatures Great and Small'.

During the term, we will be looking at - 

Animals in Wales

Animals around the world

Zoo / Jungle animals

Endangered animals


Creatures that live in the air, on land, in water and under the ground



Life cycle of a frog


Being a nature detective



Folly Farm

We all had a lovely time on our educational trip to Folly Farm. We enjoyed seeing and learning about all the animals, especially the giraffes, penguins and rhinos. 

 IMG 0218

IMG 0125

 IMG 0122 (3)

 IMG 0199 (1)

IMG 0083 (1)



Theme (Spring Term)

Our theme for this term is 'Adventurers and Explorers'.

During the term, we will be looking at - 

Exploring the local area:

Human and physical features

Community groups and clubs

People who work in the local area

Local figures of community importance

Buildings in the local area

Exploring the World:

Different countries/cultures around the world


Holidays and journeys

Other faiths

Compare and contrast with Wales

Food around the world



As part of our theme work about people who work in the local area we visited Lampeter Leisure Centre.  We had a chance to ask the manager some questions and had a tour around the building.  The gym was very interesting!

IMG 0092

 IMG 0096

 IMG 0095



Theme (Autumn term) 

Our theme for this term is 'Alive and Kicking'.

During the term, we will be looking at - 


The Body

Bones, Muscles and Organs

The Senses

Human Growth

The Human Life Cycle

Keeping Fit


Balanced Diet

Healthy Eating

Bonfire Night Food

Changes in Materials


Christmas in the Past

Ein Trip i Sbri-di-ri

IMG 1442

 IMG 1424

Our art work on 'the skeleton'

IMG 1497

Measuring our height from the tallest to the shortest

IMG 1110


P.C. Eleri talking to the children about saftey during Halloween!

IMG 1122 (1)


Nurse Gill talking to the children about the importance of washing their hands properly.

IMG 1134 (3)


IMG 1137 (2)



Here we are reciting the story 'The Crochan Hud' in Pie Corbett style.


Children in need


Having fun in the disco!



Games with the eco council


 and School Council!